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Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake

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All of the sweet and caramely goodness of a traditional apple crisp, baked on graham cracker crust cheesecake and topped off with a dollop of softly whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.
Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake

This. This right here. Is what Fall is all about !  Something about the words “apple crisp” just makes me feel all cozy inside. I immediately think about colorful fall leaves, comfy sweaters, and crisp autumn air.
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Apple Pie Fries Recipe

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Apple Pie”Fries” – It’s autumn in a finger food.

“What are you guys making? It smells like a fall day…”
We look at each other and realize without saying anything….We happen to have our kitchen windows open, and the crispy apple fries smell, tossed with cinnamon sugar waft its way through. Otherworldly, those words were the first reaction of our dear friends, and we were lucky enough to have them literally at our front door.

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Fresh Fruit Salsa with Baked Cinnamon Chips

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Who’s ready for Summer?!  Fresh fruit drizzled with sweet jam served with buttery, cinnamon chips, fragrant from the oven…

Let’s Saaalsaaaaaa…..
I think Winter has finally given up in our area. It fought hard right at the end with a couple snow storms the past few weekends, but it’s finally feeling like Spring has won. The grass is green and and I feel the sun on my face it has some heat behind it.

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